MoneyPotUS: Help Trump

Help me supporting President Trump so that he can solve his financial problems!

Did you hear that Trump, the president of the United States, barely makes it to the end of the month??

For ten fo the last fifteen years he paid no taxes due to the huge losses of his companies, and even had to ask for loans! :,(

Oh my, we need to help President Donald. He can’t be so poor and so full of pressure and responsibilities! Ok, maybe he is not a really talented entrepreneur, but so what?? It’s not like people voted him because he said he would run a country like one of his businesses, right?

The average salary in the US is around $3,700, which is around €3,100, so why not start from there? At least this small amount of money would give him some time to think things over, and reach the elections period with a more positive attitude! If we donate even one cent each, we can give a huge hand to this poor president!

Donate here!

Published by Emanuele

Emanuele Del Rosso is a tall, 28 years old Italian guy. He is a journalist, but also a photographer and, in his free time, a cartoonist. His main interests are international and political news, but you will find features and long form articles with his firm as well. He likes to dress elegant, to brush his moustache and to read the newspapers drinking some good tea. You can follow him on twitter @EmaDelRosso. Take a look at his works also at at

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