Best of 2015!!

As everyone published a “best of 2015”, so have I! I also stole the teaser image! Yay!!
Comment, share, criticize and above all enjoy!

1. Holy Smokes! This Changes Everything. During the fall, I attended the world premiere of Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s documentary This Changes Everything, in Amsterdam. I then worked on a graphic reportage to reflect on the documentary and on the issue of climate change!
Click on the picture to read it!


Climate change teaser

2. Infocomics about the ICC trials. For the website I’m working on a series of nine infocomics about the trials going on at the International Criminal Court.
Click on the picture to read it!


3. The Volkswagen scandal. This cartoon has been republished by Le Figaro and Le Parisienne.


das auto

4. Dart Trumper. The dark side is strong in Donald Trump. This cartoon was published by the Italian-English magazine
For more cartoons, click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to my bi-weekly column “Quasi-serious” on 31Mag!

5. Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem. I drew this cartoon after Bibi Netanyahu’s declarations about a supposed responsibility of the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem in the Holocaust.


Published by Emanuele

Emanuele Del Rosso is an Italian communications specialist and award-winning editorial cartoonist. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @emadelrosso

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