Nai-Boy. How to become a macho in Kenya

Meet Nai-Boy, the main character of my first cartoons series for Love Matters Africa (within RNW)!! In a series of 10 weekly cartoons I will portray the clumsy attempts that Nai-Boy is making to fit the standards of what he is told is “cool” and “macho” in his country, Kenya. To see the cartoons, click onContinue reading “Nai-Boy. How to become a macho in Kenya”

Why is Kenya at the ICC?

My fourth long-form cartoon on the ICC trials has been published on!!! The ICC is the International Criminal Court, an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that sits in The Hague, in the Netherlands. Understanding what’s going on in the international justice field might be tough sometimes, especially for who’s not well-read on the topic. So, I thought itContinue reading “Why is Kenya at the ICC?”