Pulling Through

I spent hours preparing an illustration about the cùàoronavirus, and in the end, I deleted all and made this sketch. I’m just thinking of all my fellow Italians in lockdown, my family and my friends, and the doctors and nurses that are fighting this disease and saving lives everywhere in the world. We will pullContinue reading “Pulling Through”


Pay Per Laugh: Il Manifesto and the “Visibility” Currency

Have you ever been paid in visibility? Visibility is an odd currency, whose value increased ten-fold when the internet era kicked in – say, the beginning of the 2000s. If my visibility liquidity was converted in euros, I’d be a millionaire. What is this visibility retribution? It happens when a professional in some field, aContinue reading “Pay Per Laugh: Il Manifesto and the “Visibility” Currency”

“Good Italians”

As most of you know, my country, Italy, has been sliding faster and faster down toward an ultra-nationalism pit that, for us Italians, is represented by our Interior Minister Salvini’s political party, Lega. It is a grave that we dug with our own hands. Some of us dug to join the deep trenches our left-wingContinue reading ““Good Italians””