What are we talking about when we talk about cartoon plagiarism

Now concentrate, and picture yourself as an editorial cartoonist. It’s your average day. You follow the news, pick a topic for your next cartoon, do some research, get drawing, proudly publish your work. And then another cartoonists writes a comment under your post saying “I already drew this, look at this link.” How do youContinue reading “What are we talking about when we talk about cartoon plagiarism”

2nd prize at Inktspotprijs 2019!

✨ Yesterday evening I had the honor to win the second prize at the Inktspotprijs 2019, the Dutch award for the best political cartoon of the year, with my cartoon “Man of God, Law of Men” ✨ I’m really happy! NRC, one of the main Dutch newspaper, flattered me describing me as “relatively unknown Italian,”Continue reading “2nd prize at Inktspotprijs 2019!”

Winner of ‘Strike! 2018’ Contest

✨ I am one of the winners of the contest for stories that make the difference ‘Strike 2018’ – whose final I took part into yesterday! ✨ It’s been an amazing experience, for so many reasons it’s hard to squeeze them up in a single post without being prolix. Suffices to say I got theContinue reading “Winner of ‘Strike! 2018’ Contest”