Pulling Through

I spent hours preparing an illustration about the cùàoronavirus, and in the end, I deleted all and made this sketch. I’m just thinking of all my fellow Italians in lockdown, my family and my friends, and the doctors and nurses that are fighting this disease and saving lives everywhere in the world. We will pullContinue reading “Pulling Through”


Summary Executions

Summary Executions: a Cartoon about Editorial Cartoons and Powerful Governments The Portugues cartoonist Vasco Gargalo has been accused of antisemitism after he drew a cartoon against the Israeli government behavior towards Palestine. He is only the last of a long row of cartoonists whose head is served on a silver plate after they upset theContinue reading “Summary Executions”

On Courrier International

🇪🇺 My cartoon “The Right Way to Europe” is in the special issue of the French magazine Courrier international, dedicated to Europe 🇪🇺 Is another Europe, welcoming and forward-looking, possible? I believe it is, but it will take time and it will require a strong and lasting will. Everyone of us can help building itContinue reading “On Courrier International”