Editorial cartoons, design, brand identity, occasional sentimentalism

Editorial Cartoons

I draw editorial cartoons and illustrations for different international magazines, such as Courrier International, Renewable Matter, Cartoon Movement, Joop.nl and more. I am also open for commissions, just get in touch!

“A good story is worth nothing if you can’t tell it right”

– Whoever has a sense of what communication is –

And what about brand and design?

Yeah there’s also that! I worked as in-house communications and brand manager and I am hired as a freelancer to work on brands and get them where they want to be – both visually and conceptually.

But don’t you also do marketing?

Indeed, I am specialized in digital and content marketing – paid and organic – and work as a campaign manager doing search engine marketing and social media marketing.

It’s not you, it’s what people say about you

And people always say something

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