End your week with a cartoons bundle

Via the DelRosso Cartoons Bundle I distribute my cartoons on a weekly basis – on Friday – to my generous supporters!

Cartoons are more alive and important than ever. They are everywhere, widely shared and discussed, helping people make sense of the world around them. And yet, social media algorithms are designed to abate the distribution of content. Simply put, even if you follow me, you will likely miss my content!

Subscribing to DelRosso Cartoons Bundle, you willat the cost of a coffee a month! – receive it right into your mailbox. My Bundle is a weekly newsletter with my best content and links to relevant sources about the topics I decided to tackle during that specific week. You’ll be on top of things, I will help you making sense of what happens around you.

You can be:

  • The friend: you offer me a coffee per month, ’cause you like what I do. You say: “This one is on me.”
  • The believer: you support me more steadily because you think I’m doing a good job. You say: “Keep it up!”
  • A benefactor: you definitely see quality in what I do and want me to do even more. You say: “This year is your year mate!”
  • An angel: I’ll engrave your name into my drawing tablet, thanking you every day I sit at my desk. I say: “You are such stuff as dreams are made on.”

I put my heart in political cartooning but, as much as people enjoy my content, generating a steady income through it is difficult. The traditional publishing channels are running short of money, and cartoonists are often the first professionals to pay the price, losing their jobs or their distribution venues.

What I offer you is the best content I produce!

So, are you in? Then click this button, and wait for Friday to come!

*My Cartoons Bundle runs on Campaignzee, a MailChimp service integrated with Stripe. It’s super secure!